Mr. Bohana provides complete DUI representation in the California Criminal Courts and has successively defended DUI cases from the beginning to the jury trial phase. 

If arrested for suspicion of DUI, a conviction could likely result in jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and related costs, increased insurance premiums, mandatory attendance at DUI courses, and last but not least, possible loss of your driving privileges. 

If and when your driving privileges are restored, you could face the possibility of the installation of an interlock system on your car.

Being arrested for DUI does not have to be the end but this is a serious charge that can damage your reputation.   Mr. Bohana may be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed, based on the facts in your case. If possible, Mr. Bohana will attempt to negotiate a lighter sentence. Often times with such charges, the chemical test and how it was administered can be  challenged, as well as whether the initial stop, in and of itself, was lawful.

After a DUI arrest you have 10 days to request or schedule a DMV hearing to save your license.  At the hearing the status of your driver's license will be determined. Failure to schedule  this hearing will result in an automatic suspension of your driver's license within 30 days of the date you were arrested.

Answering questions at the DMV hearing is key to keeping your driving privileges. 

It is wise to have legal representation with you at this hearing.

To speak with Mr. Bohana regarding any DUI charge, call or text (760) 567-7877 or email lbohana@twc.com