Mr. Bohana's success is based on his extensive knowledge and experience in handling  criminal defense cases. As a former Los Angeles County Public Defender, Mr. Bohana has represented individuals charged with Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUI's, Drug Charges, Theft, Domestic Violence, Fraud, Vandalism and other crimes. 

Mr. Bohana provides representation at bail hearings and at the parole/probation revocation hearings.

As an original participating attorney in the Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice Center, Mr Bohana has represented juveniles in Superior Court charged with crimes under the Welfare and Institutions Code.

Mr. Bohana will provide representation at any fitness hearing and his goal is to keep his clients out of juvenile hall, out of the juvenile county camps and out of the California Youth Authority. Many juvenile offenses do not warrant the severe punishment handed out for crimes such as theft, truancy, vandalism, underage drinking, fighting and possession of drugs. 

Call/text Mr. Bohana at (760) 567-7877 or email Mr. Bohana at for a "No Cost" consultation.